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The following polls were provided to give our viewers the ability to cast a vote on topical subjects. If you wish to see the results, go to the Results page, by clicking on the Check Results link. The Polls were open until Sunday 15th April at 10pm.. The Polls are hosted by a third party Online Polling company. If their site is temporarily unavailable, please try again later

Further details of these subjects are found on Topical Pages

If you wish to suggest another poll, please email

New Airport for Guernsey?
Should we as one airline pilot has suggested, build a new airport at Chouet headland and not have the size limitations or poor weather problems of the current one. The Board of Admin say that £340m is more than the island can afford, but the existing land of 300 acres would probably realise in excess of £200m.

Yes, we should invest wisely now for the future of the island.

No, just spend the minimum amount now on the existing airport.

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11 Plus Education System for Guernsey?
Should we keep the existing 11 Plus system?

Yes, keep present system with Grammar school up to 18 and still build two new schools

Yes, keep Grammar School but only up to up to age 16 and build two new schools

No, get rid of the system altogether & build new High Schools

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The States voted on 10 May 2001 to retain the current selection system by 30 votes to 18 (62%) . Our online voters, voted 87% to 13% the same way.

New Cabinet style Government for Guernsey
Do you agree with the Harwood recommendation of a cabinet of 12 ministers to ensure better government and just six non parochial election districts 

Yes I agree with all recommendations

Yes to Cabinet style government but no to rest

Yes to six electoral districts but no to Cabinet style government

NO to all proposals - leave as is

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